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    Posted on: November 22nd 2018

    Our pupil delivered petition to Downing Street with 12,000 pleas to help children at war stricken countries

    Students visited Downing Street to hand in the letters written to PM Theresa May. Students across the school had spent the week writing their letters persuading the government to fund better well-being and mental health programmes for children in refugee camps after learning about how it affects their ability to receive an education after all they have faced. The campaign was a success and £11 million more was pledged by the government.


    Organised event by Ms. C Clarke

    Image caption: George Abbott, Ava Lai, Benjy Bediako, Jay Josiah and Harriet Webster hand over the petition. ( Image taken is owned by Jeremy Selwyn )

    Here is the link to Evening Standard's full story:







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