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A Day In The Life...

...Of A Hornsey Sixth Form Student.


8:40 am - the bell rings for registration. The sixth form block begins to fill with students rushing to make it to registration before their tutors (or lead teachers as we call them, but you get the idea) can mark them in late – they take punctuality pretty seriously here!

Although it is still early, sounds of laughter bounce off the corridor walls, welcoming anyone who takes a step through the double doors into the sixth form block. We all sit patiently (and some impatiently) through registration, carefully listening to the exciting extra-curricular activities provided for us for the week ahead, deciding which activity would be best suited for us. I often wonder how this sixth form knows about so many extracurricular opportunities, from creative writing to dodgeball.  I  also heard the Head of Sixth Form talking about “Super-curricular activities,” designed to supplement our subject knowledge – they definitely want your uni application to stand out here.

9 am - the bell goes and it's time for lesson 1 and 2. One hour and 40 minutes of intense hard work – trust me A levels are not easy, take notice when you’re told that.

10:40 am – break time and the sixth form block bounces back into life. Everyone knows everyone and no one is left out. Individuals indulge themselves in conversations with their peers. There’s no feeling of animosity or hate, everyone is made to feel comfortable and welcomed, almost as though we're in our own bubble – we’re kind of protective of each other and proud of what this sixth form represents.

11 am – back to it. Double Media Studies before lunch. I have to leave the sixth form block and head over to the performing arts block. We have two suites of macs which really helps.

12:40 pm – lunch. We can opt to head out, bring food in or go to the main restaurant - the food is pretty good here (jerk chicken with rice and peas, anyone?) but I like the flexibility. On days when I opt to stay in, it’s nice to have lunch in the common room. It feels like you’re having lunch with your family – a very loud family sometimes, but a good laugh.

1:30 pm - lesson 5 and 6. I have supervised study, which is new for this year. This is time on your timetable when you are expected to work independently. It really does help you to manage your workload, as friends in other schools or colleges tell me that free periods are way too easy to waste with so many people to chat to.

3:10 pm – the day is done. The sixth form block is still full of students, some just chillin’, others waiting for friends, some planning on getting their work done before they head home. There’s talk of a film being put on the main screen in the common room – I might be tempted.

It’s true that staff expect a lot from you here. We’re not allowed to slack off but we know it’s for our best interest. They talk about Hornsey Sixth Form giving you the Edge and it’s true, it is different here. It is so much more than learning your subjects and passing exams; it’s about developing as a person, becoming the best we can be, so we can achieve our goals. Sixth form isn’t a long time, it’s not even two complete years and you need to make it count – here, it does.



Written by Nesrine, studying A level English, Media and Sociology.