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Why HSC?

Would you benefit from having a mentor throughout sixth form?

HSC is a college where anyone with a passion to succeed will do, and yes this includes young men too. We may be associated with Hornsey School for Girls, but as you will see from the interview below we are equipped to boys too.

There are many reasons to join – academic rigour, scholarship programme, partnerships with industry leaders – the list is endless, but don’t just take our word for it. Below are interviews with the people who know us best: our staff and students, and don’t miss out on details of what life is like at HSC.

Mixed Ambition - HSC is a mixed Sixth Form!

Hornsey Sixth Form shares its campus with Hornsey School for Girls, and some assume that it would be a single sex Sixth Form... but when you enter the sixth form block, you see that this is not the case and there is a lot on offer for boys here at HSC.

We asked a group of boys in the sixth form block - Why HSC?

So the obvious question, why Hornsey Sixth Form?

“The results, basically. Plus, I knew people who had attended and they had had a good time here.”

“I agree with the results but also it’s in a prime location.”

What can students expect if they come here?

“Lots of support from teachers. It’s also really welcoming.”

“Welcoming and support sums it up. It honestly doesn’t feel different to being in another mixed sixth form, the ratio’s a bit off, but I was at Shoreditch sixth form last year and it doesn’t feel different even though there are fewer boys.”

What do you like best about Hornsey Sixth Form?

“One word – support.”

“Community between teachers and students, lots of trips, and yeah – support.”

“There are lots of opportunities to get involved with.”

What type of opportunities have you guys been involved in?

“Policy league run by The Economist, senior prefect team as Sports Captain, Middlesex Uni, Houses of Parliament, Business master class……….”

It sounds like an interesting year. I’m curious about this statement I’ve seen everywhere - Hornsey Sixth Form, give yourself the Edge, what’s that all about?

“It’s about making sure we have the edge over other students applying to uni, apprenticeships, jobs etc. You have to be able to compete.”

“Its about giving you the advantage when applying for what we do next. So we excel in taking that next step.”

“Learning is really personalised. As everyone is known by teachers, there is more one on one time. You get the support you need to stand out.”


Sadly our conversation was interrupted by the school bell. The boys seemed genuinely happy here. For all of them, it was an active choice to come and none of them minded the fact the ratio is not 50:50 . In fact, it appears to also be helping them academically and for their future. Sports are offered through enrichment. Basketball courts and table tennis are easily available.

They were neither a) brothers of the girls who attend or b) boyfriends of the girls who attend or even c) lost.

Thanks to Emiliano (History, Government and Policies and English Language) Dylan (Biology, Business and Chemistry) and Omar (Business, Government and Politics and Psychology).


With A level attainment at all of the following categories: A*- A, A*- B, A*- C and A* -E outstripping the national average and most of the local Sixth Forms, this Sixth Form is definitely packs a punch.

For all the boys out there, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at Hornsey Sixth Form.

An Interview with Ania Butler - Post 16 Director of Learning

One of the crucial people to any student throughout their school career is their Director or Learning – Head of Year in old money.

Ania Bulter Read Geography at The University of Southampton before embarking on a career with the classroom. Ania sees students through the highs and the lows offering supportive but impactful advise as she encouraged students to be brave, make cold decisions to allow all to be brilliant. Plus she does it all with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. 

We take time out to speak with Ania Butler, currently Directly of Learning for Post Sixteen at Hornsey Sixth Form to find out her views on the students, mission and values of this small but mighty sixth form...


Q. You say your sixth form gives your students the Edge, can you explain what you mean by that?

Students get a well rounded education which is both academic and personally enriching. This means that students are well prepared for their next steps after Sixth Form and are ready to get actively involved in the wider world. In an increasingly competitive society, this holistic approach should give our students the edge over their competitors!

Q. Can you describe what a typical HSC student is like?

Bright, diverse, full of energy, politically minded, worldly, not afraid to speak out about issues that they are concerned about.

Q. I’ve notice on the HSC twitter feeds you often use #proud, can you explain what makes you so proud of HSC students?

I am proud of their individual achievements. Success looks different for each individual as they have different obstacles to overcome. I am constantly proud of how our students continue to achieve both academically and personally. 

Q. Why should a student apply to HSC?

For a holistic approach to teaching and learning. For a personalised education.  Perhaps most importantly to be part of an extremely supportive community where staff and students really care about each other.

Q. If you had to summaries HSC students in one word, what would it be?