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HSG Student Profiles

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Stella (Stroud Green Primary School) achieved an outstanding set of results with 10 high grade GCSEs including 7 grade 9s and one A*. Our top achiever credits the vast range of opportunities at Hornsey School for Girls for her personal development and stellar results. She was involved with The Girls Network, The Brilliant Club, National Citizen Service and the Duke of Edinburgh award. “The teachers care a lot about individual students going over and beyond and ensuring we have a rich student experience. My advice to younger students is to pace your revision and don’t overstretch yourself. I am delighted with my results and can’t wait to start my A level studies in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths”.

Farzana islam

Farzana (Earlham Primary School) gained 10 GCSEs including 7 grade 8/9s and one A. She has ambitions to become a Dentist following A level studies in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Psychology. Farzana was involved as a Young Ambassador with The Girls Network and was mentored by a lawyer who provided one to one support and boosted her confidence. High flyer Farzana said: “Don’t compare yourself to others and start your revision early. Take advantage of all the opportunities the school offers; the teachers are so supportive and the school is so varied and multi-cultural”.

Sarah keily

Sarah (Downhills Primary School) performed much better than she hoped with a total of 10 GCSEs with particular success in Science and Geography (she also achieved the highest grade 9 in this subject). Sarah has ambitions to join the fire service and train as a firefighter as she wants to balance the national quota. “I want to help people and have an active career - so I have my eye on the fire service. I cannot thank the teachers enough – they have been so supportive and will help you with anything and everything, either school or non-school related. My advice to younger students is try not to stress out too much – make you sure find time to study, revise and relax.”

Naimah jahan

Naimah (Noel Park Primary School) exceeded her own expectations with excellent results across the board including 6 outstanding grade 8/9s. Naimah wants to study hard so she can follow a career in Medicine and credits the all-girl environment and teachers as motivating factors to realising her full potential. Her advice to younger students includes: “Work hard and keep focused - think about the future and what you want to achieve.”

Estellia mcfarlane

 Estellia (Harris Primary Academy) achieved high grades across a wide variety of subjects including the higher grade 8/9s in English Language, English Literature, History, Art and Design, Drama, Science, Spanish and Dance. Estellia is planning to stay on at Hornsey Sixth Form College to explore her creative side. Her comments on life at Hornsey include: “Don’t be distracted and have a goal in mind – mine was not to get below a grade 6 in any subject – and I have achieved that! The teachers are so friendly, approachable and supportive and they make us work hard to achieve our goals.”


Josie l s



Josie (Harris Primary Academy) gained high grades across all her GCSEs with excellent results in Art and Design, Computer Science, Double Science, English Literature, History and Maths, plus an A* in Media Studies. Josie wants a career in animation, illustration or journalism – or a combination! Josie commented: “I really liked the atmosphere at the school – we learn in a great environment, inside and outside of the classroom – and the teachers really care and want you to grow as a person.”

Heba j

Heba (Bruce Grove Primary School) scored impressive grades in all 9 of her GCSEs, achieving the highest grade 9 in Biology, History and Maths. Heba credits the Access Project and specific tutoring in Spanish as part of her success. Heba will now study the Sciences and Maths at A level whilst she considers her future career. Her advice to younger students is: “be consistent with your revision and work to a timetable.”

Aishah i

Aishah (The Willow Primary School) achieved 10 high grade GCSEs including grade 8/9s in Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, History and Physics plus an A* in Media Studies. Aishah is planning a career in the medical field following her A level studies. Aishah thanked her teachers and said: “The teachers at Hornsey have been very helpful and supportive, even outside of lessons. We also had access to a wide range of online resources that we could use at school and at home. My advice to younger students is never to lose hope or feel discouraged – build on your confidence and try even harder.”

Dilara far left

Dilara (South Harringay Primary School) performed exceptionally well and achieved 10 of the higher grade GCSEs include 8/9s in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, French, and Geography. Dilara is particularly delighted with her English results and credits the Access Project and her great teachers who provided “non-stop motivation and support”.

Ameera s

Ameera (South Harringay Primary School) achieved 10 high grade GCSEs including an A in Media Studies and has performed better than she expected. Ameera is planning to stay on at Hornsey Sixth Form College to study Maths, Biology, Geography and Chemistry. Ameera’s comments on life at Hornsey include: “This has been an amazing experience in a safe environment. The additional support I received through The Girls Network and the Brilliant Club has been exceptional with lots of mentoring and one to one support.”