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Posted on: August 24th 2017

Hornsey School for Girls Results 2017 


* This article appeared in the Ham & High Education edition 

Today, delighted cheers of students, parents and staff could be heard echoing down the corridors around Hornsey School for Girls after another set of fantastic GCSE results, deserving of all staff and students’ hard work.


HSG continues to excel in core GCSE subjects like English language, English literature and maths. Despite the national changes in the grading of these subjects, we have maintained the high standards we expect.


A large number of students achieved top grades across the spectrum of academic and creative subjects, with over 350 Distinction*, A and A* grades awarded to HSG students. Notable highlights from across the school include:


  • Over two-fifths (44%) of students achieved A*-A in drama, with 83% securing A*-C.
  • Almost two-fifths (38%) of students achieved A*-A in history, with 83% securing A*-C.
  • 35%
  • Over a third (35%) achieved A*-A in Spanish, with almost three-quarters (73%) securing A*-C.
  • Over four-fifths achieved A*-C in statistics (84%) and further additional science (81%).
  • Three-quarters or above achieved A*-C in geography (77%), dance (75%) and religious education (75%).

HSG’s ethos is to deliver excellence in everything we do. Students are provided with an environment in which they can academically thrive, but also flourish into the confident, well-rounded and informed young adults we know they can be. Students are provided with a multitude of opportunities, like Model UN, Girls’ Network and Access Project, to develop the soft skills that facilitate strong academic progression.


Among our student cohort there have been several examples of outstanding individual achievement, including:


Bushra – 9s in maths and English language and literature, 3 A*s and 3 As. HSG has helped her to achieve her ambition of obtaining a scholarship to boarding school, and she plans on studying environmental engineering at university. She has ambitious plans of helping to discover the green solutions to the world’s most damaging environmental issues. Busra commented: “I am delighted with my results because I can now continue on my path to becoming an engineer. I didn’t even know this was an option until HSG opened my eyes to the different opportunities available. One of the main reasons I like HSG is that you’re given a voice here; teachers genuinely listen to what students have to say and act afterwards.”


Austina – 6 and above in maths and English language and literature, 5 As and 2 Bs. Austina is thrilled with her results and is looking forward to pursuing a career in medicine when she returns to Hornsey Sixth Form College in September. Austina stated: “HSG gives you the tools and confidence to think for yourself, but at the same time provide you with opportunities so that you can learn from people with experience. The school gives you a platform to shape your life by helping you to find out the person you want to be and what it is you’re passionate about.”


Gabriella – 3 A*s, 4 As, 8 in maths and 7 in English language and literature. Gabriella credits her success thus far on the emotional and academic support she has received at HSG, the family atmosphere and the fact that teachers push you to achieve because they genuinely care about your future. She said: “HSG has helped shape the person I am today – I genuinely don’t know where I’d be without it. The school empowers and inspires you to chase your dreams. They inspire us as young women by showing us that we can be whatever we want to be.”


Headteacher, Kuljit Rahelu, commented: “Throughout the year we have been running a campaign called Hornsey Hears My Voice, celebrating the creativity, maturity and independent thinking of our students. At HSG our students are empowered with the confidence to know that their voice is important, that what they have to say is relevant and that they should have a platform to showcase their talents and share their opinions.”


Chair of Governors, Anita Yiannoullou, added: “As we celebrate the school’s 130th year, it is with great pride that I look upon everything that has been achieved by those associated with Hornsey School for Girls. As well as our high academic standards, we have maintained the genuine interest and determination that students have in achieving their goals, something that was highlighted by Ofsted earlier this year. This is a school steeped in tradition, but one that also has a very bright future to look forward to.”

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