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Posted on: November 1st 2017

Debate Mate Launch Trip

Debate Mate Launch Trip

By Olivia Opara 10A

On Tuesday 31st of October, a group of eager students journeyed on a trip that will open many great doors.


At 8:30, the Debate Club assembled at the library to wait for Ms Wildish and Mr Hemsley. We journeyed by bus to Finsbury Park then train to Victoria. From there we started the long walk through central London which was filled with beautiful buildings and encroaching tiredness.

At around 10, we had reached our destination. Relief and excitement filled us as we shuffled into the auditorium where the Debate Mate’s 10th anniversary event started. We were welcomed with music and a blissful atmosphere. The competitive vibe shot through the roof when the host introduced the speakers of the day’s debate that was: “This house believes that the age of voting should be lowered to 16”. The arguments from the Proposition were tremendous and so were those of the Opposition, although it was the Proposition who won overall due to their skilful persuasion and appeal to their younger audience. 

This trip really opened many of our eyes to the opportunities and skills that one can obtain through debating. For example, there were many people, from debating, who could get into top universities and compete locally, nationally and even globally. Furthermore, there are many famous figures that support Debate Mate such as Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Jon Snow from Channel 4 News. This insight has ignited a fire within many of us.

At around 11:30, we made our way back to school, making a quick stop to take a photo in front of Westminster Cathedral. We arrived back at school for 12:20. The trip ended in enjoyment and laughter.