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Posted on: March 15th 2018

British Science Week

This week it has been British Science week and we’ve had a really exciting time in the Science department.  The biggest excitement has come from our seven chicks that hatched on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They have been a very popular new addition to the Science department.  Students have been able to come and see them during break, lunch and after school.  Some students have helped out with the cleaning and feeding as well.  We will have them for another week and then they will be rehomed.  We’ve even had A-level art students in to draw the chicks.


Students have also taken part in lot of engaging activities this week.  We have been making transportation devices for tomatoes with Year 7 and making cheese with Year 8.  Year 9 have looking at how Bangladeshi communities cope with floods by building floating gardens and Year 10 have been investigating the Chemistry of dyes.


We have also shown the fantastic film ‘Hidden Figures’ at lunch time.  It is about a group of African-American women who work as mathematicians for NASA during the space race.


It has been a great week for Science here at Hornsey.


- Ms P Franks









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