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Posted on: September 3rd 2018

GCSE Results

Standing ovation with stand-out individual performances at Hornsey School for Girls

Hornsey School for Girls, an oversubscribed school in Crouch End, has once again proved its commitment to delivering excellence following impressive subject results and stand out individual performances in this year’s GCSE results. Over three quarters of total grades achieved were 4 or above and our highest scoring student gained an impressive 7 of the highest possible grade 9s plus an A* with 6 additional high flyers attaining 21 grade 9s between them.

This year has seen further reforms to examinations, with an additional 20 subjects now converted to numerical scores. However, this has not stopped Hornsey students from once again excelling and reaching the highest of standards in a diverse range of subjects including English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Art, Computer Science, Spanish and RE. Highlights from these subjects are summarised below with students achieving the 9-4 grades:

  • 90% - Chemistry (14% of cohort achieved grade 9s)
  • 88% - Spanish
  • 88% - Biology (10% of cohort achieved grade 9s)
  • 87% - Art
  • 83% - Computer Science
  • 82% - English Language
  • 81% - English Literature
  • 81% - RE

Our unique curriculum at Hornsey and individual support and attention not only ensures that students are able to fulfil their academic potential, but the introduction of our diverse portfolio of national and global partnerships provides opportunities for all students to develop valuable attributes to prepare them for the world of work in the 21st century. Through initiatives such as The Girls Network and the Access Project we are able to empower our students to play an active part in all dimensions of life. Our aim at Hornsey is to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world ensuring we build their confidence and develop key skills including: resilience, teamwork, problem solving, creativity and communications.

Among our class of 2018, there have been a number of exceptional academic stand out performances including:

  • Top achiever Stella achieved an outstanding set of results with 10 high grade GCSEs including 7 grade 9s and one A*. Our top achiever credits the vast range of opportunities at Hornsey School for Girls for her personal development and stellar results.
  • High flyer Farzana gained 10 GCSEs including 7 grade 8/9s and one A. She has ambitions to become a dentist following A level studies in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Psychology.
  • High achiever Sarah performed much better than she hoped with a total of 10 GCSEs with particular success in Science and Geography (she also achieved the highest grade 9 in this subject). Sarah has ambitions to join the fire service and train as a firefighter as she wants to balance the national quota.

Paying tribute to Hornsey students, Acting Headteacher, Angela Rooke, commented: “The academic success of our students today is a testament to their dedication and drive to be the best that they can be provided by the support from the excellent team at Hornsey. We aim to instil a passion for learning; fostering an enterprise attitude within all our young people. In collaboration with their academic studies, we believe that by supporting the development of a wide range of professional skills we can help ensure our students are well-rounded citizens with the confidence and ambition to become successful pioneers and leaders of the future. I know we can expect to see great things from the class of 2018 and we have provided a platform for our young women to take their next step into a successful future whether it is training, employment or higher education. We look forward to welcoming back many students when they start at Hornsey Sixth Form College in September.”

Chair of Governors, Anita Yiannoullou, added: “The determination and commitment from our staff and students to achieve the high expectations set by the school has been a powerful driver in our success today. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our families that have been supportive throughout their daughters’ five years with us. We are very proud of each student’s achievements and we hope the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their time at Hornsey School for Girls will remain with them during their next life chapter.”

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