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    Posted on: May 22nd 2020

    Hornsey Hot Shot Ms Timog-Santiago


    Jenny Timog Santiago

    As previously explained, we take time to regularly thank our staff team for the work they undertake to keep us afloat as a school. We are a complex machine and everyone plays their part in the school. 

    This week we would very much like thank Jenny who is a support member of staff and our HR administrator. We have recently had to massively change our recrutiment processes to shift everything online -Jenny has been a critical part of ensuring that this can happen. She has had to organise applications, candidates, panel interviews and staff for these in a much more pressured situation. She has chased interviews and interviewers for feedback - she has done it all with her usual lovely manner. We have had a huge spike in applications recently and this has been a really challenging time. Jenny -we really appreciate you and the work you have done! 

    It can often seem that support staff are lost in the mix of the school - but this cannot be further from the truth for us. We are absolutely in awe of our support staff who keep the school running in the way it should. 

    So Jenny, thank you for being part of our team, and a wonderful example of a Hornsey Hotshot. 

    We wouldn't be able to do what we do without you! Thank you! 

    Who will be next? well that depends who is nominated...