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Posted on: December 14th 2016

A student view on the Careers Networking Event

 by Shalayna, Yr 9

Today I took part in the “Inspiring the future speed networking system” which has taught me how to go about getting to a point in life where you are happy with and find comfort in the job that you are in.


This session had provided me with the reassurance that even if having my own company does not go through to a successful point, there is always something to fall back on.  When speaking to the volunteers, it was strongly enforced that there is flexibility in jobs,

 “you don’t have to be stuck in a pigeon hole” (Teddy)


As a student, I found this a fantastic opportunity to have, considering that I have to choose my GCSE options soon; additionally “completely Inspiring the future speed networking system” has given me the hope of always being able to get where you want to be if you put the effort in and commitment, and that even if you don’t do “brilliantly” in exams, something would come up for you to fulfil your aspirations.


Overall, this event, to me, has been beneficial as to many of my peers that I had conversations with over the course of the speed networking.  It has been an experience that I really appreciate, and that I know I will look back on if I am ever having doubts on my career path.  Wouldn’t you enjoy getting an insight on how people got to where they are now at this point in life, if they wanted to be in this job at this very second ?.