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Posted on: January 8th 2017

Ms Kothari takes over! Class of 2016 Returners tea

Well the class of 2016 demonstrated they were a fine vintage as they shared stories of their new adventures at the Year 13 tea party this Thursday.

With 60 students returning it was great to see old friendships reunited, listen to tales of how easy it is to spend your student loan on a combination of take away and uber rides and hear about their plans post uni or work. I was really impressed by their maturity, outlook on the world and their energy to make a difference as they each spoke of great ambitions for their future. I only wish I had had more time to speak to more of them. Class of 2016 you have EDGE and we look forward to seeing where you will end  up.


Here are a few highlights from the evening.


  • Sweetny sporting a stylish new cropped hairstyle and now studying Drama at Rohampton claimed everything we had taught her during PCD about the importance of budgeting, being smart about applying for additional scholarships and the  being organised and honing excellent essay writing skills have proven to be invaluable. She made me smile when she said that whilst at uni “They expect you to do everything by yourself,” she believed the support and foundation of the critical life skills which she learnt at HSC have allowed her to be ready for this jump.
  • Anessa reading Economics at Queen Mary’s is taking full advantage of meeting new people and spoke of how she believes of the 300 students studying her course she happily has spoken to 200. Clearly she is enjoying the buzz of student life on campus and the challenge it provides. Ebi Shehu is also at Queen Mary’s reading maths and fully involved in student life and making the most of all opportunities presented.
  • Biiftuu who left HSC having achieved an A* in maths, A in EPQ, A in Physics and a B in Biology is at Leeds university reading mechanical engineering. She still hopes to use this degree to propel her into a career within motor sports although thinks the motor sports club is a little too full on at the moment.
  • A wave of our students now attend Hertfordshire university and are pursuing medical related degrees. Latifah is currently on her first placement at Barnet hospital in the maternity delivery ward as she is training to be a midwife. She spoke about what she has seen already with a genuine warmth and maturity for a profession which requires dedicated, compassion and being able to work under pressure. She is joined by Lullay who is studying Radiography and will be starting her first placement in Oxfordshire. She seems ready for the challenge of putting into practice what she has  learnt so far. Sarah joins them to help recreate a mini HSC at Hertfordshire and is studying to be a mental health nurse. We talked about the relevance of this in today’s society. Again I was struck by her altruistic nature to make a positive difference to society.
  • Ayesha is reading International Relations at SOAS, having being actively engaged with the model UN whilst at HSC she is enjoying being a part of such as politically engaged student body and believes political education should feature more strongly within the curriculum from all starting in primary schools.
  • Sara is taking a different route and is currently writing a series of blogs offering an sociological insight into current affairs. She hopes to one of the millions of millionaires who make it online. To supplement this she is currently developing websites.
  • Alexandra and Eloise have both joined the work force and are looking into pursuing apprenticeships after a year of experience. They showed a real insight into the current struggles faced by many who get caught between not being able to secure a job owing to a lack of experience and the challenges faced by agency work with the rising cost of living. Eloise is also supporting her mum to run an adult drama workshop and from this she hopes to complete her teacher training taking the new one year apprenticeship route to allow her to become a teaching assistant first. She showed a real value for gaining experience at all levels within education to develop a strong foundation of understanding before progress further.
  • Alex  is at John Moores university and boasted that he take pride in planning what he will cook the night before by referring to Jamie Oliver for support. He is keen not to become a typical student and have a diet of beans on toast and copious amounts of pasta.
  • Leila  is at Middlesex university reading Biomedical science and looks forward to three hour labs. She still hopes to go into research looking into possible treatments for cancer.
  • Lucy  is at Art school and enjoying developing her own style of art whilst being in a creative environment. Ticianna is enjoying Sussex university and has been inspired by her trip to Thailand this summer is already considering how best to use her long summer holiday.
  • Lizzie is studying Anatomical Biology and echoed Sweeney’s points about how she had under estimated how hard it is to move away from home and look after yourself. She was thankful for what she had learnt at HSC and is now managing to juggle her student finances better. She still makes time to work part time whilst home in London and is working for an events company.
  • Aliya was full of energy and after having some time away from her studies will now be applying to pursue Primary Education. With her cheery personality and ability to relate to everyone she appears to have chosen something which will really suit her.
  • Tia is keeping her options open at Coventry where she reads creative writing. She is aware that university level study often presents new opportunities.
  • Linda is reading Business Management at Queen Mary’s and is enjoying all of the guest speakers that provide real insight into what is happening right now in the world of business.
  • Maha is reading Law and spoke of the work load involved with her degree but owing to her firm belief in wanting to use her degree to enter family law or human rights she is able to remain focus during the hours it takes to ensure her essays are properly referenced and referred to pertinent cases.


I could go on but I think the bottom line is this: Class of 2016 are gone but not forgotten.

They truly embody the mission of our Sixth Form and it is a pleasure to have been a part of their journey.  We hope they will keep in touch and we are always here to help and offer support.

(Thanks to Ms Rahelu for letting me hijack the blog this week!) 

Ms K