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    Posted on: January 22nd 2017

    In search of progress...

    We’ve had a really amazing week at the school – thanks to our superbly committed staff team, on Friday, myself and the deputy head Ms Rooke, took ourselves out and about to capture a few examples of what keeps our teaching and learning constantly improving – it was lovely. Classes of students, questioning, engaged and challenged wherever we walked – what an utterly lovely thing to see. It is these skills – questioning, challenging, that become critical to our young people as they navigate a changing World order. 
    I know I’m not the only one who has watched world events over the last week with a sense of disbelief and fear for what it brings for our children. We operate in a world of connection, this week alone I listened to Teresa May giving a politician response to questions about Trident missiles and cover ups, and Donald Trump's inauguration speech, devoid of nuance, or any thanks or recognition of the work of his predecessor. It’s definitely one element of the World our children live in. The other side of it is watching a parent power movement begin with the FairFunding for All movement, started in Haringey, aiming to become a national movement. The women marches today, a global response to politics of fear and division. What’s created these last two examples? People who are questioning, challenging, and holding to account. We see it in our classrooms, and in our corridors. Our teaching methods and teachers develop it.  

    Our girls are young, but they’ll leave our school after the sixth form understanding when to whisper, when to shout, but always, always knowing that their voices are important, and valued,  and will be heard. 

    Can we change the world right now?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    Can we create in our schools, students who will be instrumental in shaping the future? To borrow from Obama’s campaign, yes, ‘Yes we can’ 

    Ms R


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