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Posted on: March 26th 2017

Modern Families

It’s Mothers Day today and I imagine many readers have been rightfully spoiled and thanked for their unfailing support and love offered to various sized offspring. In my family, Mother’s day is one of the few times in the year that my mum and dad get to see all three of their children and our partners in one room on the same day. Unlike the traditional adverts, it isn’t any of us who do the cooking (or cleaning) as we descend from various parts of the country. Instead my mum would spend days planning each of us our own individual dishes and favourites (none of them the same obviously as this would make it far too easy for her). So we collect together as a multi-cultural, mixed race, mixed religions affair. Something I am sure my parents never conceived of when they arrived into the UK in the late 1950’s.  My brother-in-law is Albanian, my sister-in-law hails from solid Irish stock via Liverpool and my nieces from these partnerships have their feet firmly across all of the cultures they’re raised in. This diversity I am sure will challenge some people’s understanding of family. For some in society, the image I present would be seen as a threat to British values. I see it as the absolute embodiment of them.

Many of our students have different experiences and families;  Extended, Foster, Same Sex, Step or Blended. Today I want to thank all of them. It may be mother’s day, and isn’t it lovely to have one day where the sometimes forgotten foundation is bought into the light. We all know however, that raising children is not a one day game. We don’t have the luxury of turning off how and when our children learn or when they need our attention. What we are likely to have, are complex networks that help and support this long learning curve. I decided long ago that there was no such thing as a ‘normal’ family, just one that belonged to you. Well, at Hornsey, our kids belong.

This term, I hope this has been clear. We now are just short weeks away from our fantastic Sixth Form and brilliant year 11 having to prove how belonging has supported them as they sit their GCSE’s and A Levels.  I hope they will make use of the strong foundations we have put in place for them to excel.

Photos this week show the yr 7 achievement assembly, Red Nose Day, the yr 9 parents evening, our wellbeing and mental health project with key stage 4 students and the Geography residential among other things. Its been a busy run up to this final week. This is the last blog of the term.

Ms R


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