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What are Options?   

Students are not capped into allocated pathways as we believe that students should be able to access all of our subjects, in consultation with our heads of departments. We do ask teachers to make some recommendations based on three main areas:

  1. Your daughter's achievement at Key Stage 2
  2. Teacher assessments for Key Stage 3
  3. Attendance and general study skills

In order to access a level 3 course (e.g. A levels) our sixth form and most college will ask for a minimum of 5+ 5-9 , including English and Maths. It is unusual for colleges to expect students to have more than 8 GCSEs. 

What are Options?

Parents and Students will have to identify which subjects they would most like to specialise in and indicate these on the option sheet that will be included in the “Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information” booklet that is sent out in February each year.

The programme for year 9 starts in December and is led primarily through the form time at this stage.  

Page Documents Date  
Options booklet 2020 v1 11th Feb 2020 Download
Options Evening 11th Jan 20 RAK final 11th Feb 2020 Download