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Student Profiles

Amal a

Amal A. achieved an impressive set of results, including 3As in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and an additional C in Further Maths and has secured her place at UCL to study Medicine.

“I am really pleased with my results today, focusing on 4 A-Levels has been hard work, but I am very happy it has all paid off. The additional 1-2-1 support offered from our teachers has been so valuable and I genuinely believe they are highly supportive and really care about the students at HSC. The tight knit community created at HSC is like no other and there is a real sense of camaraderie amongst students and teachers. Through these relationships we have been able to build each other’s confidence and set high expectations, as you know you will always be supported.”

“One of the highlights during my time at HSC was being involved with the Policy First Programme, as not only was it great fun but it helped me develop my skills and confidence around public speaking, which I know is something that will benefit me while at university. I am so excited to be joining UCL in September and could not be more grateful for the motivating and inspiring teachers and students at Hornsey”.

Fardowsa shock

Fardowsa M. (formerly attended Wilbury Primary School) has ambitious plans for the future after receiving A* in Sociology, A* in Psychology and A in Religious Studies. She is continuing her education journey by studying Law at university.

“Receiving my results today has been a stand out moment for me during my time at HSC. After receiving my mock-exam results in January I felt more confident; my teachers really pushed me and set high standards, which made me realise I could achieve more, and that is what I have done today!


Liza A. (formerly attended St James Primary School) is delighted to discover that she had secured her first-choice university, the University of Birmingham, to study Social Work. She achieved a fantastic set of results including Distinction* in Health and Social Care, B in Sociology and C in Geography.

“I am so pleased with my results today and cannot wait to start my course. I am so grateful for the teachers at Hornsey; their individualised approach to learning created a sense of community at HSC and I always felt I was being supported and guided by my teachers and my peers. Being involved with the ‘Big Sister, Little Sister’ programme has been a highlight for me. I gained experience of mentoring students in Year 9 and aimed to inspire and act as a role model for them, as my teachers had with me. This programme made me realise that I enjoyed working with younger people and is part of the reason I have selected to study Social Work at university.”

Aliyah chamoo

Aliyah C.(formerly attended Lordship Lane Primary School) has set herself high expectations for the future, as she joins Ravensbourne University London to study Urban Landscape Architecture in September. Aliyah is aiming to achieve her dream of becoming an Urban Designer.

“HSC has been a great place to study because the teachers aim to make learning creative and engaging, which I found really beneficial. When applying to university, the support provided by teachers was excellent and they opened my eyes to the diverse range of subjects that are on offer. I was encouraged to consider the subjects I really enjoyed and from there we explored the opportunities for different careers of the future! I am proud to be part of the first ever cohort of students to participate in Urban Landscape Architecture at Ravensbourne University and very grateful that HSC provided the opportunity to learn more about what exciting careers are out there.”

“A standout moment for me during my time at Hornsey was being involved with the Girls Network Programme. I was teamed up with a mentor from a mobile phone company and she helped me grow as a person and taught me how to become more decisive and make good decisions.”


Jonathan B. (formerly attended St John Vianney) is looking forward to studying Digital Media at Coventry University after receiving an excellent set of results; Sociology A, English Literature B, Film Studies C. Jonathan is looking to turn his job into his passion as he targets a career within video gaming.

“There is a real sense of community at HSC; the smaller class sizes meant you were able to receive more support from teachers, through additional lessons and mentoring outside of class; they really want each student to excel and be able to pursue their passion. More than this, teachers taught us how to be resilient; they showed us how to find solutions to solve problems and encouraged us to never give up. I am excited to start my new course at Coventry University and know I will be taking my academic achievements along with the life skills I have learnt at HSC”.





Tasnim B. (formerly attended Tiverton Primary School) is looking forward to studying Psychology at Queen Mary in September after receiving A in Religion & Ethics, A in Psychology and D in Biology. Tasnim would like to pursue a career in Psychology after falling in love with the subject in Year 12.

“The excellent teachers and extra-curricular programmes on offer at Hornsey have been the highlights for me. I was involved with the Futures Programme, where we had the chance to visit Cambridge for a Psychology taster session. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience what life at university could be like; it just made me want to do Psychology at university even more! It also allowed me to meet people from other schools who also had similar interests to me, which I really enjoyed. I will miss the HSC community when I move on to university; the teachers and all the students have built such good relationships over the last 2 years, where we have been able to support and hopefully inspire each other.”

Yasmin n

Yasmin (formerly attended Ashmount Primary) has aspirations to become a Clinical Psychologist after gaining a place at King’s College following her outstanding results; A* Psychology, A Religious Studies and Distinction* BTEC Health and Social Care.

“The best advice I could give a younger student would be to be ambitious; HSC set high standards for all its students as they believe we are all capable of more. This taught me to be resilient. Teachers always provided us with the best resources and guidance and helped to ensure we could overachieve what we initially thought, even when there had been bumps along the journey; because of this, I felt confident coming in to receive my A-Level results.”

“The support for adjustment and assistance with applying to university through UCAS was amazing. I am the first generation of my family to go to university, but the teachers made it known that they were available to help with any questions I may have. They were always approachable and made me feel confident with my application.”

Profile 1

Biftuu is ecstatic to discover that she has secured her first choice university, University of Leeds, to study Mechanical Engineering. She attained incredible A Level results (A/A/A/A) in Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Biology. Biftuu wants to gain vast experience in the industry with hopes to pursue a career with Formula One.

“I am so pleased with my results today and cannot wait to start my course in September. I’ve always wanted to work with Formula One cars, and thanks to the guidance and support I’ve received from my teachers the potential is becoming a reality. I am so grateful to all the teachers at HSC as they helped me get to this stage so that I can go on to pursue my dream at university.”

Profile 2

Sarah achieved three impressive A Level grades (A/A/B) in Sociology, Extended Project and Psychology, and has secured a place at City University London to study Radiography.

“Hornsey Sixth Form College has given me so much support and has helped me to achieve higher grades than I was expecting in my A levels. My advice to younger students would be to never underestimate yourself, with determination and the right support you can achieve anything.”

Profile 3

Elifcan has ambitious plans for the future after gaining (A/A/A/B) in Film Studies, Turkish, Politics and History in her A Levels and is excited to have secured a place at University of the Arts London studying Film Production.

“I always knew that I wanted to work in the film industry as I loved to watch films with my dad when I was younger and looking at how they were made; but it wasn’t until I started studying Film Studies here at HSC that I knew it was definitely my passion. The support and motivation I received from my teacher helped me push through challenging obstacles throughout my course and go on to be accepted on my dream course.”


Lucia has aspirations to become a musician and travel around the world after successfully gaining a place at Big Creative Education (BCE) College in Walthamstow and achieving Distinctions in BTEC Health And Social Science and BTEC Science.

“HSC has been so supportive to me throughout my studies and have helped me to progress onto the next chapter in my life. I originally wanted to study childcare but I knew music was my passion. Even though there wasn’t a music course here one of the teachers knew about BCE and helped me with my application to the college. The advice I would give to a younger student is to ask for help if you need it as all of the teachers here care about your individual education and will be there for you throughout any tough times.”

Profile 5

Aneesa is looking forward to studying Economics and Finance at Queen Mary’s University after receiving (A/B/C) in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

“My advice to younger students would be to make sure you start preparing for exams early and keep up to date with your homework as it really helps with your exams. Also, make the most of the great resources available to sixth form students, including the teachers who are always offering help!”


Profile 6



Sophia is looking forward to studying Digital Arts at the University of Kent in September after receiving excellent grades in her A Level subjects; Mathematics - A, Geography - B and Media Studies - B.


“The teachers at Hornsey are so supportive and have helped me so much during my A levels. The resources that have been available to me have been fantastic including the Access Project and media facilities. I have loved being a student here and cannot wait to start my university degree.”