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  • 11:13 PM - 23rd May, 2017 I will be live-streaming poetry revision for AQA's power and conflict tomorrow at 7pm - my YouTube channel: lindsayjskinner
  • 11:11 PM - 23rd May, 2017 There are many reasons to love ... Read more
  • 11:10 PM - 23rd May, 2017 If you do one thing tonight please watch this. Spine-tingling, heart-breaking, beautiful, powerful and moving in its indefatigable defian...
  • 08:49 PM - 23rd May, 2017 After the Manchester attack: how do I talk to my children about distressing news stories? Read more
  • 08:46 PM - 23rd May, 2017 If you know young people upset and anxious about the events in here's some advice to share with them... Read more

Celebrating Success

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GCSE F. Maths 2016


Eng GCSE 2016 A*-C

A*-A 20%

History A*-C

A*-A 44%


50% A*-C

A*-A Sociology

AS level

A*- C

AS Film



A*-C A2 Lang