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Starting In Year 7 in Sept 2022

Page updated 29/06/2022

At Hornsey School for Girls we want to ensure that your daughter's move from primary to secondary school is as smooth as possible. There is a dedicated email for your queries as you begin the journey into secondary school.  

We will be updating this page for you as a way of communicating with you in addition to other communications. 

We are a committed 'tweeting school' and encourage all our families to join twitter to keep abreast of the things we do (@HornseySchool). When this page/ information is updated it will be tweeted there with a link. 

You may also find the following short video helpful to know how to support your daughter during this time. It is sure to start conversations about the emotions your daughter may be feeling. 


The following booklet may also help supporting-children-through-secondary-transition-final.pdf

Starting School in with us in September 2022 - Thank you if you joined us for our Friendship afternoon in March. We will be hosting a summer school this summer to help introduce students to each other and the site. 

Confirmed dates (to support your summer holiday planning!) 

New year 7 (starting Sept 2022) 25th-29th July 

Combined new year 7 and current year 7 - 1st-5th August 

To gain maximum benefit it would be helpful for students to attend whole weeks. 

  • Induction day/smart days 5th & 6th July – opportunity for students to learn more about life at the school, experience some lessons and meet with our staff and students. You do not need to wear school uniform for these days. Please ensure you arrive between 8:15-8:25 on these mornings and come to reception where you will be met by staff and students. Students should be collected by (at)  2:30pm on the 5th and 3pm on the 6th July.
  • Drop-in Q&A for parents and students Wednesday 6 July 3:15-4:45 pm. Parents are invited to drop in and meet the transition team at the end of the second smart day in the school library. Students are welcome to remain at the school and watch a film whilst waiting for parents/carers to join them.

Summer School Summer 2022 - what to expect? 

Not sure what you're signing up for?! We will be running a sports based programme commencing @10am every day. We'll be concerntrating on team building sports as well as skills develoipment and leadership qualifications. Sports covered:  Basketball, Football, Athletics, Rugby, and Dodgeball. 

We'll be providing refreshments and lunch and will finish by 3pm. Parents/ carers welcome to collect at the end of the day. 

Admissions documentation and other information will be sent out during the last week of June to mid July 2022. 

Uniform can be purchased from the following link

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon! 

Information for the start of the school year: September 2022 start dates 

Term dates are dicatated by Haringey and can be found here

We start in Sept 2022 with two teacher inset days on Thursday 1st and 2nd September - no students are on site during these two days. 

Monday 5th September - Year 7 only, in full school uniform.  

Tuesday 6th September - all year groups back, staggered start, more information to be shared at the end of term. 


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