Core Principles & Expectations

At Hornsey, we believe in the importance of developing students reading, writing and communication skills through high expectations and regular daily practice. We have 4 key literacy principles which we ask staff and students to apply in every lesson.  Over time, the repetition of these key skills has a powerful effect on pupil progress.  We ask parents to ensure that students are equipped with a reading book and a green pen as part of their essential literacy equipment. We provide opportunities for students to read throughout the school day and encourage parents to support this at home so that all students read for a minimum of thirty-five minutes daily. 

We also encourage parents to support us in our expectations that girls speak in Standard English, expressing themselves in full statements wherever possible and that the ritual of editing and checking their work with a green pen becomes part of their studying routine at home as well as at school. By working together as a learning community to build students’ literacy skills, we believe that our girls will not only succeed in their education at Hornsey but in the next stage of their education and future employment.

The Four Principles:

  1. A book on table
  2. Students engage with subject language
  3. Students answer in full statements
  4. Students mark in green