Why Choose a Girls School

Academic Achievement

Girls from girls’ schools achieve higher grades at both GCSE and A-level compared to girls in co-educational (mixed) schools. Single sex schools for girls dominate the top of the exam results league tables. Research shows that in co-ed schools boys receive more attention from teachers, to the detriment of girls. 


Girls and boys mature at different rates. So, when it comes to learning, it makes sense to give each what they need in order for them to flourish. Your daughter can benefit from being in a school that recognises these differences and provide an education geared specifically to her needs and developmental stage.


Girls acquire higher self-esteem and greater self-confidence at a girls’ school. Helping girls feel good about themselves and encouraging them to have faith in their capacity to face challenges is hugely important. With only their fellow girls in the classroom or on the sports field, girls in single sex schools have the space in which their intellectual and physical confidence can blossom. There is a tremendous freedom to be – and become – themselves and to fully explore all the education opportunities available to them. Girls’ schools also create opportunities for appropriate educational risk-taking.

Care & Support

Every school claims to have excellent pastoral care. What’s different about girls’ schools is that we really do understand girls. We understand their friendship dynamics, their preoccupations and occasional silliness, and that some can be timid and overly concerned with being correct. This understanding means we can give the right kind of support and create safe environments in which girls feel comfortable taking risks and asking questions. As a result, they become more resilient and sure of themselves. 

Greater Opportunities

In single sex schools, girls don’t just enjoy equal opportunities, they enjoy ALL opportunities, whether it be in the arts, sport, science, expeditions, careers insights or other extra-curricular activities. We believe there should be no limitations on your daughter’s ambitions, professional and personal.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Girls' schools help their pupils to develop broad horizons, offering strong female role models and provide high expectations. As leaders of our House System students are helped to develop themselves and their leadership skills. Building their leadership skills and giving them positive female role models to look up to is also an important way in which girls can be encouraged to have faith in what women can do, and so what they can do.

Everybody's Invited 

In recent times, there has been growing awareness of the nature of the sexual harrassment and sexual abuse that can happen in mixed environments. Whilst obviously this situation is not completely unknown in single sex environments, the exposure to such incidents is greatly reduced in our school. 

Source - Association of Grant Maintained Girls' Schools