School Uniform



Please note: the items below, marked with a star*, must be purchased from one of the school’s partner shops (currently Uniform Me on West Green Road and soon to be Kenzie Schoolwear in Wood Green); all other items, without a star, can be purchased from any other supplier ensuring that uniform is accessible to all. 

Main Uniform



  • *School blazer to be carried at all times and worn in assemblies and in lessons. 
  • *School v-neck slipover or school V-neck long sleeved jumper to be worn at all times
  • Plain white blouse with collar - can be long sleeve for winter and short sleeve for summer
  • Plain white vest top to be worn underneath the school blouse in the winter 
  • Plain smart school style black trousers or knee length skirt (strictly no denim, leggings or tight trousers)
  • Plain black shoes/ trainers/or ankle boots (heels/sandals/ 'flip flops'  are not allowed) 
  • Plain black or white socks or tights (socks to be maximum knee length and not above the knee)
  • Lanyard and school ID badge (supplied by the school) to be worn over the neck at all times
  • Coats – students should wear a coat or jacket over the school blazer weather dependant 
  • Piercing:  nose studs - 1 only (no nose rings) – which must be removed for PE
  • No colour limitations to hair dye.

Other changes to the uniform as agreed with our student leadership team 

  • Hijabs of any colour 
  • Black ankle boots (no higher) 

The student leadership team have worked incredibly hard to consult and work with students to update the uniform policy. If students wish to see the changes fully embedded they will need to act responsibly for them to be adopted. We will be monitoring how these changes impact on school standards. If a trial is not successful changes will not be adopted. 


  • Jewellery - only a single plain stud earing may be worn in each ear in the lower lobe. All other jewellery must be kept out of sight. The school does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any jewellery and do not encourage its use.
  • Make up - Make up should be minimal. False lashes or eyelash extensions are not permitted.  Coloured nail varnish and acrylic/gel nails or extensions are not permitted.
  • Plain black belts
  • Bags must be capable of holding all school books and equipment for the day, including school planners.  They should be reasonably waterproof.

PE & Dance Uniform


  • Mint green polo shirt with school logo* 
  • Black fleece with school logo for outdoor/colder weather*
  • Plain black PE shorts
  • White short socks
  • Showerproof coat for wet weather
  • Trainers (preferably fully black) and appropriate for high impact/high intensity activity
  • Dance only- Students must wear plain black leggings
  • Black beanie hat - only permitted outside and in cold weather
  • Black gripped gloves - only permitted outside and in cold weather
  • Students may wear additional long sleeved tops in colder weather as long as they are underneath their school PE fleece. They may not wear this underneath their t-shirt if sleeves are protruding out from under their t-shirt. 

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