Governor Committee Structure 

The Full Governing body meet once per term. 


The Governing Body delegates some of the work to sub committees that focus on specific areas of the school.  Committees meet at least three times per year and report to the full Governing Body. 

Committees are –

  • Teaching & Learning,
  • Finance & Facilities,
  • Pay & Personnel.

These committess challenge, critically analyse and develop the strategic direction of the school. 

Teaching & Learning Committee

Chair: Emily Atwood 

The Committee, in consultation with the Headteacher, will act as a resource and reference group in all matters of formulation and operation of curriculum policy at the school.  It will ensure the delivery of a broadly-based and balanced curriculum, within the statutory framework, and that effective monitoring arrangements are in place.  It will agree examination performance targets and review and evaluate results.  

Finance & Facilities Committee

Chair: Helen Carey  

The Committee ensures compliance with financial controls and procedures stipulated by the Local Authority.  It establishes and maintains an up to date 3 year financial plan and sets financial priorities in accordance with the School’s Improvement Plan (SIP) and statutory curriculum requirements.  It oversees the drafting of the first formal budget plan of the financial year for recommendation to the Governing Body and determines yearly delegated virement and expenditure thresholds. The committee reviews the budget position statements at least termly and reports to the Governing Body on all matters within its remit.

The Committee also agrees and keeps under review the school’s health and safety policy and procedures and receives regular reports from the school's management team on the effectiveness of measures to ensure conformance.  It evaluates regular staff reports on the condition and use of the school premises and advises on the preparation and monitoring of capital development and maintenance plans. 

Pay & Personnel Committee

Chair: Johanna Hinshelwood

The Committee is responsible for the recruitment and strategic deployment of all staff within the school and for ensuring that managers make the most efficient use of their resources in matching suitable personnel to any vacancies. It ensures that the School’s Performance Management Policy acts to raise the standards of teaching and learning in the school.  The Committee will receive regular reports from the School Leadership Team about how well the current staffing structure meets the needs of the school, and will consider the possible requirement for staff re-organisation and redeployment should the needs of the school change.