Reporting Absence

Students should only be absent from school for valid reasons such as genuine illness or school arranged activities. The following reasons for absences will not be authorised: your daughters or another family member’s birthday; shopping; haircuts, etc.

Teachers take an electronic register during tutor time first thing in the morning. It is vital that all absences are reported to the school. This should be done before 9am on the first day of absence and on each consecutive day.

If there are special circumstances in which your daughter needs to be absent from school, a written request must be made to the Attendance Strategy Manager.

If there is an emergency or crisis situation that cannot be planned for, please follow the following procedures:

To report an absence

The easiest way to report an absence is:

  • Email every day the student is absent and provide a reason for their absence i.e. headache (This can be written in your first language)
  • Phone the school phone to report the absence 020 8348 6191, press option 1 and leave name of student and reason, i.e. headache
  • Send a message via Edulink (Absence Reporting feature - purple icon). 

First day calling:

This is an automatic first day calling system for students who are absent from school. This is generated by an N (no reason given) code in the register. The system is administered daily at 10am approx and is delivered via a text or automated voice message which is sent to the parent to enquire the reason for absence for their daughter.

Following up absences:

Any outstanding unauthorised absences will be followed up either by the Attendance Officer, or the School Home Support Workers who are attached to Key Stage Teams. A referral to the Educational Welfare Office may be made in the cases of persistent unauthorised absences.

Reporting Absence Form

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