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  • 05:45 PM - 13th January, 2022 “Now does he feel his title Hang loose about him, like a giant's robe Upon a dwarfish thief..." Macbeth, Act V, Scene II Read more
  • 06:53 AM - 13th January, 2022 Just wanted to say that as a member of the teaching community and life long resident of Haringey, am really pleased and proud of what
  • 11:49 AM - 12th January, 2022 We held our first meeting this morning with new student leaders - they gave the school a HUGE list of things to get to work on! Hold onto...

Celebrating Success

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GCSE Maths 2020


Eng GCSE 2020 9-4

9-7 19%

History 9-4 2020

9-7 27%

GCSE Eng Lit 2020 9-4

22% 9-7

GCSE Chem 2020 9-4

9-7 48%

GCSE Comp Sci 9-4

9-7 44%

GCSE Drama 9-4

9-7 36%

GCSE Geography 2020 9-4

9-7 30%