Home Learning

We believe that learning does not just take place in the classroom, but is part of an on-going process. As such students should be encouraged to learn effectively in a variety of contexts, of which in the classroom is just one, if they are to be able to become successful life-long learners. Teachers scaffold and equip students so that they can learn effectively in a variety of different forums.

What do we mean by Home Learning?

There is a semantic difference between home work and home learning. Work can be menial and can be achieved without learning. The purpose of home learning is to encourage students to:

  • Learn independently and develop independent learning skills
  • Improve organisational skills (e.g. meeting deadlines, proof -reading work, organising time etc.)
  • Consolidate classroom learning
  • Deepen and extend knowledge and understanding
  • Establish the skills for exam success
  • Be stimulated and motivated, and to have a thirst for learning and an enquiring mind
  • Sustain and engage parents and carers in student learning
  • Build up the learning skills progressively from Y7 to A level

‘A good, well-managed homework programme helps children and young people to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning. Homework also supports the development of independent learning skills, and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children's education.’

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