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The Home Learning Relationship

Home learning can only be effective when it is built on the existing relationships between teachers, students and parents.

Subject teachers will:

  • Set home learning tasks in line with school policy
  • Set meaningful and effective homework every week in line with the school policy and schemes of learning.
  • Ensure that tasks are recorded clearly in student planners with the due date
  • Mark in line with school policy, and give feedback quickly to students which helps move their learning on
  • Reward students who complete tasks effectively
  • Ensure that tasks are understood by students, and provide support and opportunities for students who need additional support.
  • Notify parent/carers if homework is not handed in. This is via student planners in the first instance, and then by direct contact with parents/carers

Students will:

  • Ensure that all home learning is recorded in planners every day with due date.
  • Ask the teacher immediately if they are not sure about what to do
  • Complete all tasks to the best of their ability
  • Complete tasks on the evening they are set and ensure that they are handed in on time

Parents will:

  • Sign planners weekly to ensure that all home learning tasks have been completed
  • Support students with the completion of tasks by ensuring they are organised for every days learning and have completed all tasks on time
  • Tutors will monitor home learning every week.
  • Directors of Learning and Heads of Department will regularly monitor quality and amount of home learning set.
  • Parents should contact the Head of Department of the relevant subject area should there be a problem concerning any aspect of home learning. All email address and contact numbers are listed in the schools curriculum booklet.