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    Posted on: December 31st 2020

    January Update 2021

    We are writing to update you on our plans for the lateral flow covid testing following recent Department for Education (DfE) announcements. We aim to ensure that our school is as safe as possible and these tests will add to the protective measures we have already put in place. The lateral flow tests will support the identification of asymptomatic students so by testing we will help to mitigate risk and help to keep the School open to as many students as possible.

    The test is voluntary, but we would encourage everyone to take it.

    We are currently planning logistics to allow testing of all staff and students prior to their return to Hornsey.

    To facilitate this, the Government has announced that students in Years 7-10 will return to face to face teaching on 18 January.

    Therefore, from Tuesday 5 January to Friday 15 January all lessons for Years 7-10 will be online. Most will be delivered via live streaming.  For Y11 online teaching will take place from January 5-8.

    Year 11 return on Monday 11 January for face to face teaching to our school site.

    Years 7-10 are currently expected to return to school on Monday 18 January.

    We have undertaken significant IT infrastructure development this year to improve the effectiveness of our remote offer since partial school opening in March. Our provision will continue to be across our platforms and through Google Classroom, and will be the very best we can offer with the resources we have. The vast majority of lessons will be ‘live streamed’ and in accordance with our current staffing. Live streamed lessons will mean that students will need to be online and ready at the start of the lesson as the teacher will be presenting and talking to students over either Google Meet or Hangouts - links to the lessons will be posted in Google Classroom and we will post further information on Monday 4th January 2021. 

    We feel that this is the best way to ensure that all students can continue with their learning, Registers will be taken for each lesson and it is our expectation that students will be able to attend their remote lessons in accordance with their timetables.

    However, if you have technological barriers which would prevent your daughter accessing live lessons, please email your concern to

    Key Worker School will be available for the children of critical workers and disadvantaged students during this period of partial opening. If you think your daughter is eligible for a place, please confirm using the following link which was previously sent out with the headteacher's end of year letter. This link will close on Saturday 2nd January to enable our planning. 

    We are currently finalising our testing schedule. You will be contacted with more details, including a consent form in due course. Your child is likely to need to attend Hornsey twice before the 18 January to undertake the test, assuming that you give consent. Earlier this week we requested volunteers from the school community and are extremely grateful for those who have already expressed their interest. If you or someone you know feel you can help, please contact us using the following form​ 

    Our plans are, of course, subject to change based on the re-issuing of guidance from the government. Our present decisions are based on the current Government stance that schools will partially open, and tests will be delivered to each school on Monday 4 January. We are not currently in receipt of any tests. However, as more detail becomes available, or Government policy changes, we may need to reconsider our approach.

    Testing the school cohort is an additional tool to support safety for all at Hornsey School. However, it does not replace the safeguards currently in operation in school. We will continue to educate our students in their bubbles on their return and in keeping with Tier 4 guidance students will still be required to wear masks in the corridors and other communal areas.

    We hope that our plans mean that our students benefit in terms of both academic progress and their mental health. However, the success of the testing scheme relies on every student and their family following Government advice when not in school.

    London is currently in Tier 4 and therefore we are asked to:

    • Stay at home - no one should leave the home without a reasonable excuse such as going to work, essential shopping, or education.

    • Do not attend social gatherings. This includes New Year’s Eve.

    • Outdoor exercise should only be taken with other members of your household or with one person from another household, remaining socially distant.

    • Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.

    • Wear a face covering where social distancing is difficult.

    • Remain 2 metres apart from people you do not live with.

    The full Tier 4 guidance can be found here:

    Wishing you and your families a safe and prosperous 2021