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Posted on: January 4th 2023

Year 11 Learning Power!

We welcomed the Year 11 back to school for the new year continuing our focus on ensuring that they're are preparing for key exams. One of the things students fed back to us is they struggle to understand the revision skills they need for different topics. 

Working in partnership with an external provider, they spent the day reflecting on their mindset as well as practical strategies and techniques to support their preparation for exams. The last few weeks of school are critical to understanding how to organise learning, develop strong memory techniques and get in control! 

Well done to Year 11 for a brilliant return - and the 40 parents and carers who joined us in the evening to understand how to support your child as they enter the final stages of their GCSE preparation! 

With thanks to Ms Peddie, Ms Murray & Ms MsDermott for organising and supporting both events.