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    Posted on: January 12th 2023

    Witam Poland!!! GCSE trip abroad!

    We've been so busy we haven't had a chance to update our website with this amazing trip and experience! 

    Ms McDermott, Ms Ali, Ms Bayhan and Ms Murray arranged and accompanied 40 students from the year group to 3 amazing days in Poland, travelling in the country to learn about historical events and actions that took place, including a sombre experience for all at Auschwitz. 

    Students took part in a walking tour, saw Poland at night, enjoyed the local area and had time to even take part in some relaxation. The trip will compliment a number of exam areas and gave the students access to history and culture in a direct way. 

    We'll share many many more images in our next newsletter.

    For now, our thanks to our brilliant students who were a credit to the school throughout the trip and to our staff team who went above and beyond as they always do with their commitment to the school and the experiences they offer students.