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Posted on: November 7th 2022

Active citizenship projects!

We've been enjoying some amazing fundraising activities planned and put in place with year 11 as part of their citizenship course. Over the last two weeks we've had 


Bake sales at lunchtime on Nov 2nd - raising funds and awareness for Islamophobia awareness month

A screening of Encanto took place in the community theatre AND this was followed by the dulcet tones of some of our school teams on Nov 3rd with Teacher Karaoke. Although it was a tough competition with strong entries from Maths, Social Sciences and Science teams, the student involvement for Frozen's 'Let it go' seemed to be the winner. Funds raised for this event will be winging their way to

Thanks to our brilliant staff team in place for arranging, supporting and giving up their time to make these events happen for our students. Thanks to our students for supporting charities and raising money through your curriculum. You guys are all awesome! 

Videos of some of the events are available on twitter - please take a look! 

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